Mission Trips


Mission Trips

Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña is a unique place along the Texas and Mexico border.  Del Rio is small town of about 36,000 people and is the home to Laughlin Air Force Base.  Across the border from Del Rio is Ciudad Acuña which is a city of about 300,000 people.  God has heart to reach all peoples including those in this part of the world.  There are many ministry opportunities to reach the poor and lost.

Acuña is one of the safest and easiest border crossing along the Texas – Mexico border.  Teams regularly travel for day trips to Acuña from Del Rio to serve.

Below are a few of the ways in which Young Living Stones is on mission at the border:

  • Children’s tutoring programs – We work with partners in both Del Rio and Acuña to support children education and meet physical needs.
  • School back packs – Every December thousands of backpacks are handed out to the children of Acuña
  • Medical Missions – Medical mission teams can work in Acuña with local physicians.  In addition, medical supplies are always in need.
  • Building Projects – We work with our partners to help with a wide range of building needs.
  • Border Patrol – We like to support our hard working border patrol agents.  We do this through cook outs and other supportive events.
  • Community Events – Evangelism outreach to both the Del Rio and Acuña communities can be done through cook outs and other community engaging activities.

Mission Trips

Below are a few of the partners we work with in the area:

  • Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition (VVBHC) – Founded in 2019 to help meet the needs of the increased flow of migrants across the US Mexico border.  Migrants who are legally released by the Border Patrol are provided support and travel guidance as they head to their sponsor homes across the United States.
  • IB Estrella DE Belen – This church located in Acuña is pastored by Antelmo Zarate and works to reach the people of Acuña for Christ.  They also have a church plant and a children’s tutoring program in an area of Acuña called Noblasi.  They are also working to build the first private Christian school in Acuña.
  • Su Casa Ministries – Run by the much beloved “Granny B” this mission home welcomes people from all over the country to serve at the border.

Please contact us if you are interested in coming on mission with us!  We can talk through serving opportunities that will fit your organizations goals, costs, scheduling and much more.