Churches on Mission – Royal Haven Baptist Church

Churches on Mission – Royal Haven Baptist Church

One of our more recent Impact Mission weekends may have been a short few days, nevertheless, it was packed from dawn to dusk with ministering alongside pastor Rick Dorman and his team from Royal Haven. This team was not like many teams that join us, as the average age of the members was around 60 years old. A gentleman in his 70s with Parkinson’s was even on board to serve, and nobody was going to stop them or slow them down from serving the Lord in Del Rio and Acuna!

They were ready to come for a weekend of Immigrant outreach, but when the need was low they recognized that God had opened a door for them to serve in Noblasi and Acuna. They came to Estrella de Belen with 75 crates of food for the children and families and distributed them to all who had need. In addition to that, they also held a ladies’ conference with 67 ladies, as well as 45 children. This was the most significant participation we have seen yet in Acuna! One of the lessons for the ladies was about the living stones in Joshua 4, and they gave out stones that represented the legacy of faith with their children. Rick’s wife, Carol, was very helpful and organized all the crafts and gave away journal bibles with markers to all the participants there. Bridge Builders were so kind, when they heard about this outreach they even supported it by sending funds for extra bibles!

The team also partnered with us to pursue something new with the men, who rarely come to church, and they called the outreach time “Momentum”. They set up a grill, and some bbq and prepared to share with 20 unchurched men. Rick challenged them from Joshua 24:15 for the men to make a stand for their families. The team was thrilled when they were able to lead a man to come to Christ, as well as seeing several rededications. Several men showed up at church that morning to worship with their families for the first time in a long time. After all of that, they came back on Sunday and distributed 100 more crates of food to whoever had a need in Noblasi.

“Our philosophy is to join God in what he is doing and to have an open heart about it. We have to decide to join Him or go do our own thing. When you join what God is doing everything falls into place.” – Rick Dorman

Special thanks to Pastor Rick and the team from Royal Haven for partnering with us to equip and impact generations for Christ here on the southern border! If you’d be interested in coming to join in what God is doing here, reach out and let us know and we’d love to get connected. Finally, we’d be so grateful if you’d consider supporting us so that we can continue the mission for Christ. To do so, just follow the button below!