Churches on Mission – FBC Woodway

Churches on Mission – FBC Woodway

What an immense blessing it is when brothers and sisters in Christ have unity in mission together! First Baptist Church of Woodway joined us on a mission trip in Del Rio and Acuna with a sister church Viento Fuerte. These two churches were so immensely helpful in our ministry to equip and impact generations for Christ, and did so much more than any one of our organizations could do on our own. One particularly unique project was that they helped us make prayer journals to be given as gifts for our partners at Estrella De Belen. These journals would be handed out with hand-woven scarves at the prayer event! As a result of their partnership and support, we were able to supply all of the ladies in attendance with prayer journals and they were so incredibly thankful.


Not only that, but with their help, we were able to make and deliver 50 dispensas (food bags) to the elderly, bedridden, sick, and terminally ill in Centauro. We prayed for each family and home and even had some divine appointments that were not planned as we met new people and had a chance to pray. They also helped us in serving the children meals at 2 different remedial school programs in Acuna. They even stuck around and participated in a sewing class and an English class that had 33 students!


We are so thankful for the churches that choose to come to the border and serve on mission trips with us, the impact goes farther than we may ever realize! In their own words, you can read the stories of the ways that these teams come to bless others and head back home being the ones who are blessed.


     Shon and Janeene, thank you so much for allowing us to serve with and alongside you along with the Pastor and members of Iglesia Belen. In short words I can only thank God for the beautiful encounters with the beautiful people whom you introduced us too. Not looking for faults, but seeing their needs and meeting their needs to the best of our resources that we had. I will never forget this experience of sharing the compassion that Jesus so abundantly showed. So many faces and names that touched my life in a way like never before. I’ll never forget Maria and her “mi casa es su casa”; had so little yet had so much joy, peace and love. Lastly, during the English learning class, I had the honor of sitting next to three young boys whose names were David, Joshua and Daniel. I just wonder with names like those, what plans God must have for them. God bless you both, Granny B and Jose.

The members of our team from FWBC were grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside Shon and Janeene in Acuna Mexico with Young Living Stones Ministry.  We had the opportunity to pack food bags and deliver them to needy families with a group from Estrella Belen. It was a privilege to pray and encourage families with our brothers and sisters from this church. We served lunch at Centauro one day and witnessed how food, smiles, encouragement, hugs, and even tootsie pops were used to show the love of Jesus. Another highlight was visiting the school that is part of Estrella de Belen. The teachers there taught lessons, cared for children, and fed them two meals. They even had a sewing class for the adults. 

Shon and Janeene had a well-planned 3-day mission experience for us. The accommodations at Granny B’s house in Del Rio were comfortable, clean, and warm. We had time to reflect, share, and pray together as a group as well. I highly recommend any group to come to Del-Rio and experience this borderline trip. It will change you and bless you in so many ways!